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FutureM Event Recap: The Future Face of Digital Business


Thanks to everyone who attended the FutureM event: The Future Face of Digital Business.
We’ve recapped the event for your own personal enjoyment below,

Speaker Line-Up Included:

futurem event speakers image
Richard Banfield               Chris Merrill                    Jonathan Kay                     David Cancel
@freshtilledsoil                @superwebomatic          @grasshopperbuzz            @performable  

Kind Words from Event Attendees:

@newcomer twitter logo
@roxanaf28 twitter logo
@studionumber9 twitter logo

Event Review & Shout-Outs:
Mark Newcomer, Managing Partner at Consensus, wrote a stellar review. Check it out here:
FutureM Event Review

Part 1: Richard Banfield, CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil :
“If you have a crap website it’s like arriving to a job interview in your PJ’s.”
Richard discussed the key components to website by harnessing the necessary tools that enable you to create a remarkable experience for your customers.

Part 1: FutureM: Future Face of Digital Business by Richard Banfield

Part 2: Chris Merrill, CEO of Super Webomatic:
“Make free things free.”
Chris talks about the unsuccessful strategy of “yelling” and “telling” and how to leverage your product by offering free trial services that can help you gain customers.

Part 2: FutureM: Future Face of Digital Business by Chris Merrill

Part 3: Jonathan Kay, Ambassador of Buzz at Grassopper Group:
“What can you do today… listen, listen, listen and listen some more.”
Jonathan delves into the dysfunctional world of marketing and what companies can do to optimize their efforts and promote their customers.

Part 3: FutureM: Future Face of Digital Business by Jonathan Kay

Part 4: David Cancel, CEO of Performable:
“Buy this because we want YOU to kick ass.”
David digs a little deeper into what is means to create successful marketing campaigns and how to define metrics for your business.

Website Makeover Before/After:
As part of the event, we asked event attendees to submit their websites for a makeover. We chose to re-design the homepage for HarbourVest, an independent investment firm. Check out the makeover below:

Before Image:
harbourvest homepage before image

After Image:
harbourvest homepage after image

Here’s the live event video recording in case you missed part of the presentation and want to catch up!

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