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Fresh Tilled Soil & Future M Present: The Future Of Web Apps


We’re getting amped up for our Future M event next week! FTS Senior UI Designer, Mike Scopino, will be puttin’ on the ritz for the occasion.  Mike’s presenting on:

“The Future of Web Applications: How Tech and Social Pressures Are Creating a Brand New Future For Apps”

Here’s what our presentation will be all about:

So– we’re accessing the web in new and diverse ways– there are more smart phone and tablet devices available today than ever; and as consumers, we can’t get enough of them.  It seems like some businesses are in denial about this reality, because they’re not doing anything to keep their website or web application relevant & current. Why fight these wonderful new technologies & get left in the dust when you could instead capitalize on it, in seizing the opportunity to make a swift & game-changing business improvement? Today the game changer is the usability of your web application, which has everything to do with the interface design.  That’s where Mike comes in…

Mike’s Creed: If the way your customers are using the web is evolving, so should the way UI designers & businesses approach web application design. Mike will address the big industry shifts to date & point out what crucial elements of app design make all the difference in terms of user experience, and potentially for web app ROI as well.

Fresh Tilled Soil Creed: We believe as fact that businesses & UI designers need to join forces to stay ahead of the technology curve to keep users & customers engaged & delighted.

What You Get Out of It: Get caught up to speed on the most current best practices for web application design, straight from the source; then with your audience input and 1 part logic/1 part imagination, Mike will predict what the future of web apps might look like, & how web-based businesses can prepare for it & stay ahead of the technology curve.

If you like what you’re hearing so far, there’s more where that came from– join us at the event next Friday morning, September 16th at 11:30, at the NERD Center. 

If you’ve already got a ticket to Future M, then it’s free to come; if you don’t have a ticket yet, send me a tweet @marisol1986 and I’ll hook you up with a ticket discount promo code 😉

(Our event is listed under the Friday event tab, and it’s 2nd to last from the bottom.)

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