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Fresh Tilled Soil featured in Smashing Magazine


Today, we have come to the realization that it’s time to talk about ourselves (at least just a little bit), because we want you to share in the excitement and buzz happening at Fresh Tilled Soil. If you have been with us from the beginning, than you know we have grown from a small start-up to a thriving business that is well-rooted within the Boston businesses community.

Smashing Magazine released an article entitled, “What Makes a Great Cover Letter, According to Companies?” and who else was featured in this post but our great leader, Richard Banfield. Richard imparted his expertise, outlining why the era of the cover letter is gone and how potential web designers/developers can make an unconventional first impression. Smashing magazine is a great online resource for both web designers and developers and Fresh Tilled Soil was happy to lend our time and thoughts to this project.

A quick summary of the article

The Old Way: Copy, Paste… Personality-Free:

  • No Sirs or Madams! – make sure you are addressing an actual person.
  • Bcc is not your Friend – don’t mass email your cover letter/resume to companies.
  • Really? You’re Real? – demonstrate personality in your cover letter with real examples.

Structuring your Cover Letter:

  • You’ve Got Twenty Seconds… Short and Sweet, Please! – keep it short and make every word count.
  • Give Your Best Examples – don’t Show all Work Examples, Choose only your Best.
  • If you Get Instructions Follow Them – follow directions for cover letter submissions.
  • Let Them Know How to Contact You – make it easy for them to contact you by providing you contact info.

Words Score You Points:

  • “Your a Good Companie!” Why Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes Will Bury You – make sure you proof-read and spell check, to ensure your c.v is error free.
  • Don’t Look Desperate – don’t show desperation, that will only make things worse.

Know the Company:

  • What does the Company Do? – get in the employer’s mind and have knowledge of the company.
  • Make it as Good at the Company your Applying too – aim as high at the agency does.
  • Be Professional – be respectful and address the company correctly.
  • Set an Appropriate Tone – try to examine the tone of the company and keep your letter similar to that tone.
  • Use Humor, If Appropriate – done right, humor can help make your letter stand-out.
  • Questions? Yes. About Benefits? No. – make sure you show interest in working for the company first, before asking about the benefits, salary etc…
  • Disclose your Reason for Contacting – let the company know why you are reaching out to them, especially if they don’t have a job listing.

Be Relevant:

  • Bring in the Real World – give examples of what make you the best candidate.
  • Bring the Whole Package – make sure you provide your entire skill set to employers.
  • Make Sure You’re Qualified – make sure you apply for positions that most closely match your skill set.

Be Creative:

  • Be Creative – provide a creative cover letter.
  • … but not too Creative – don’t think too far outside the box, little touches might be more beneficial.

Traditional Cover Letters Don’t Work With all Companies:

  • Get in Touch Another Way – interact and touch-base with companies via social media.
  • End of the Cover Letter? – more and more individuals are finding jobs through networking.
  • You Might Need to Be Famous, or at Least Connected – best jobs are found through recommendation, contacts or fame.
  • Get Your Foot in the Door – meet and work with your dream team, even if that means that are not hiring at that very moment.

Use Common Sense:

  • Track Correspondence – keep a spreadsheet of all the companies you have contacted.
  • Be Patient – If you don’t hear from a particular company, relax and try to re-adjust your approach or try different techniques

Click below to head on over to Smashing Magazine to read the full article:
What Makes a Great Cover Letter

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Tim has expertly managed over 40 projects with his fastidious attention to detail, inherent compassion, and unlimited energy. Tim holds an MBA in global business leadership and brings his entrepreneurial spirit to every project.

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