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Featured Smarty Pants Client – Hire EQ


Small Businesses Hiring Problem and the Solution

When it comes to hiring, small businesses face lots of challenges. The first challenge is time; it’s in short supply. Developing job descriptions, sourcing candidates and interviewing prospects takes time for everyone in the organization. Secondly, it’s expensive. Recruiters generally charge a steep % of the starting salary and if you do it on your own, you’ve got the costs of yours and your team’s time. That costs on two ends; you lose the actual monetary cost of somebody’s time, but there is also a cost in lost productivity. The last challenge is finding the right fit. The interview process is much like a beauty pageant, everyone is on their best behavior and presenting themselves to impress. It’s real easy to get blinded and end up making the wrong hire. Also, most organizations don’t have a good sense of themselves philosophies and the values that comprise a company’s culture aren’t always understood.

Hire EQ was founded to help small/mid-size businesses overcome these challenges. As an outsourced recruitment solution, Hire EQ offers businesses all the benefits of an outsourced relationship; we handle all the time intensive activities and the combination of our technology platform and proprietary business processes allows us to provide an affordable hiring solution. Where we really shine is our ability to find the right fit. Our team is made up of organizational development experts who understand people and cultures. The result of using Hire EQ for your employee needs is a frustration free hiring experience.

Author Richard Banfield

As CEO, Richard leads Fresh Tilled Soil’s strategic vision. He’s a mentor at TechStars and BluePrintHealth, an advisor and lecturer at the Boston Startup School, and serves on the executive committees of TEDxBoston, the AdClub’s Edge Conference, and Boston Regional Entrepreneurship Week.

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