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Facebook Connect for WordPress Communities


Facebook Connect is a facebook API that allows programmers and web developers interact directly with features within their website. An interested client of ours wanted to add these features to improve the comment flow on her WordPress driven website.

“Have you or your team ever implemented Facebook Connect? It’s a new Facebook application that essentially lets people login using their Facebook profiles! Upon initial research, I learned that websites that utilize this new application show 50% higher visitor engagement. If your team has not dealt with Facebook Connect before, it may in fact be an incredible learning experience considering that is very new and only a few hundred sites out there are using it! I’m sure some of your clients like Marc Hodosh or Mike Simmons can benefit from FBConnect. (i.e. people logging in to comment on the various speakers, and how excited they are for the conference, etc.)”

Lauren Amarante, World Entrepreneurship Day

After some quick research I found the Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin that can easily allow you to integrate Facebook Connect capabilities to your WordPress blog.


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