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User Experience Design

Your users want digital experiences that are easy to use and delightful to interact with. We help you discover, prototype, and validate what your website or digital product should be in a way that understands and fulfills the needs of your users and your business.

Information Architecture

Outline a content and navigation hierarchy for the optimal digital experience.

This service is designed to help outline initial design architecture for a website, software application, or digital product. We help you envision the high-level structure by establishing key pages, understanding navigation, and setting the content hierarchy. This work provides a solid foundation on which you will continue to build. The context for this work will come from your customer development and empathy work, and will ultimately inform the substructure for a best-in-class user experience.

Why might I need this?

  • Our users find our website/product difficult to use. We need to help them find and complete tasks
  • Our site visitors struggle to find the answers (or content) they seek on our website
  • We need to validate our current website/product design thinking
  • Our user research has shown conflicting results
  • Our team is divided on user flow priorities. We are unsure how to organize, structure, and label content in a effective and sustainable way

What is the output?

  • Sitemap
  • Interaction model and zone diagrams
  • Content strategy
  • User flow diagrams
  • Recommended navigation structure

Rapid Prototyping

Gather feedback before embarking on a longer development cycle.

A prototype is a mid- to high-fidelity design model of a final website, application, or proposed experience. With prototypes, you can demonstrate and validate near complete functionality of a design with events, animations, and interactions. The general idea of a high-fidelity prototype is to represent as close to the final product as possible. This program is perfect for teams that have done the pre-requisite work to identify a compelling problem or opportunity but need to rapidly test various solutions.

Why might I need this?

  • We want to get an idea in front of customers fast
  • We want to surface design and development issues early
  • We need quick answers on a specific area of our product
  • We’re unsure how to prototype in rapid fashion
  • Our prototypes take too long to build
  • We find user testing a challenge
  • We don’t have the resources to execute on our ideas

What is the output?

  • Strategy capture document
  • Working, interactive prototypes
  • Outline of next steps

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