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Design System Assets

The performance, accessibility, and consistency of your product across platforms are critical to your users’ experience. From start-to-finish website development to high-end product prototypes, Fresh Tilled Soil delivers technology-agnostic front-end code to fit your unique tech stack.

Front-End Development Architecture

Make your code awesome with a structured, best-practice approach.

We work with our clients to define a recommended front-end architecture or optimize an existing framework, declare a coding style, and identify requirements and guardrails we think you should adhere to during the project’s lifecycle. This ensures an organized and consistent approach to engineering work, and ultimately enhances efficiency.

Why might I need this?

  • Our front-end code is scattered
  • We have not followed many best practices with code
  • We want more design centric expertise to plan our front-end architecture

What is the output?

  • Defined coding guidelines
  • Defined method of export and delivery
  • List of recommended plug-ins to coincide with a chosen framework or CMS
  • Development documentation
  • High-end product prototypes

Coded Style Guide

Ensure consistency across your experience with a coded brand bible.

While most style guides are static documents with specifications and annotations, our coded style guide transforms the static version into an interactive web tool that organizes all of the coded components, elements, and styles while also surfacing relevant code blocks for integration into your website or product. You walk away with your own customized version.

Why might I need this?

  • We have no central location to manage all of our product and website UI styling
  • We have a number of brand and product extensions and changes to get to market quickly
  • Our product team wants to create higher fidelity interactive prototypes more quickly
  • We want quick access to HTML for all UI patterns
  • We need to establish a baseline for consistency across all interfaces

What is the output?

  • Markup, CSS architecture, and/or accessibility consistency and conformity audit results
  • Coding style and guidelines
  • Accompanying documentation
  • Assets and code snippets providing optimal guidelines for simplified code integration


Design digital properties to ensure they can be used by people with disabilities.

Creating accessible digital experiences for all users, including those with disabilities, should always be your focus. But accessibility doesn’t happen by accident. It requires familiarity with and a focus on accessibility standards and techniques. We help you build semantic, accessible code that reduces code complexity and technical debt for your digital products and website. Accessibility is about more than avoiding a lawsuit. It’s about dedicating proper thought to why and how we are building digital products and websites today.

Why might I need this?

  • Our interface is inaccessible to keyboard users
  • Content isn’t being appropriately parsed or recognized by screen readers
  • Color contrast issues make our site/app noncompliant with WCAG or 508 standards
  • We need to provide equal access and opportunity to people with disabilities

What is the output?

  • Accessibility Audit outlining errors and warnings and why they should be fixed
  • Revised code to integrate into your system
  • Documentation to follow to align developers around building accessible experiences

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