Design Strategy Experience

Design Strategy

From concept to launch, we’ll partner with your team to deliver full end-to-end website and digital product design. Together we’ll create a strategy to ensure it’s built the right way the first time.

Design Sprints

Time-box your design thinking to validate concepts and solve your most difficult problems.

A Design Sprint is an intensive design approach that helps teams pinpoint a pressing problem, brainstorm a range of possible solutions, build a rapid prototype, and then test the concept with actual users to determine viability and next steps. This program improves your customer centric design process, prevents unnecessary resource spending, and increases the chances you’ll build something customers actually want!

Why might I need this?

  • We have a compelling problem/opportunity, but we are unsure of the best way to solve it
  • We have an idea that needs to be vetted in a very short timeframe
  • We want our team to be more design centric, proactive, and lean
  • We want our team to explore an innovative area that we don’t know enough about yet

What is the output?

  • User interview results
  • Sketches and wireframes
  • Low-fidelity, rapid prototypes
  • User testing results
  • Answers!

Business Domain Analysis

Map the landscape of a prospective market or audience.

With business domain analysis we examine the entire relevant industry and problem area in-depth to gain intimate contextual knowledge. This allows us to map how value moves through the landscape and identify key gaps or pain points. For startups or teams venturing into unchartered areas, business domain analysis makes complex systems visible for everyone to see and interact with. It is about translating complexity into clarity and focus through visual mapping.

Why might I need this?

  • Our market is rapidly changing
  • We are looking to enter a new market
  • We are a new team or a team with varying backgrounds and experience
  • We have many differing ideas on product direction
  • We are unsure of the current and potential competitive landscape
  • We are pivoting our business strategy

What is the output?

  • User experience map
  • Ecosystem analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Value map
  • Business model canvas
  • Outline of next steps

Persona Development

Synthesize user behavior to better address customer needs through design.

We observe and interview your customers to help you gain empathy and determine what can be done to make their lives better. We work with you to understand common behaviors, examine processes, uncover pain points, and more. This offering helps your team rapidly collect user information, analyze the results (both qualitative and quantitative), and discover critical insights as inputs to product and message development.

Why might I need this?

  • We haven’t spoken face-to-face with our customers in a while
  • We’re unsure how to properly conduct user research
  • We need to better understand our users’ pain points and how they are going to use our product(s)
  • We find it challenging to distill patterns and attributes from the research
  • Our existing personas are in need of new life and validation/updating

What is the output?

  • Persona research plan
  • Interview recordings and transcripts
  • Key takeaways report
  • Outline of next steps, including a path to incremental persona development and maintenance
  • A dynamic persona kit (live data)

User Experience Mapping

Verify, implement, and maintain a holistic representation of your UX system.

Experience mapping is a critical part of the strategy and design process that involves capturing, communicating, and visually displaying how users change and interact with a product, service, or website over time. The experience map allows us to identify important interaction points and is one of the most effective ways to highlight user insights and improvement opportunities within any type of project.

Why might I need this?

  • We need to better understand how users operate in their current environment without our product
  • We want to identify all pain points and unnoticed opportunities to deliver value
  • We don’t match our user goals, usage, wants, and needs to our product experience
  • We need to better articulate user engagement with our product
  • We need to align our product team around the customer lifecycle

What is the output?

  • Visual user experience map
  • Detailed user flows
  • Explanation of opportunities and threats
  • Digital and printed versions for distribution

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