February 27, 2014 @ Fresh Tilled Soil

Developers– n. Digital Architects, Builders, Creators. Omnipotent backstage dwellers and secret decision makers.

Development teams live behind the scenes, interpreting design and strategy, and giving birth to the products and platforms where user experiences take place and customers live. Experience: Dev provides key insights on development, design, user experience, and team mechanics to give you the tools to be a better leader and supporter of your creative team.


Experience Dev 2014 Gallery


Carl Smith

Carl Smith Advisor nGen Works

Jason VanLue Executive Director Envy Labs

Dominic Bortolussi

Dominic Bortolussi Chief Executive Officer The Working Group

Alexis Kopikis

Alexis Kopikis Chief Executive Officer Krush

Jeff Kushmerek

Jeff Kushmerek Chief Product Officer Flashnotes

Tracey Halvorsen

Tracey Halvorsen Chief Visionary Officer Fastspot

Ethan Smith-Gillespie

Ethan Smith-Gillespie President & Founder The Program PDX

Kianosh Pourian

Kianosh Pourian President & Founder Cielo Concepts Inc

Maggie Steciuk

Maggie Steciuk Designer Terrible Labs

Jeremy Weiskotten

Jeremy Weiskotten Front-end Developer Terribe Labs

Adam Gelinas

Adam Gelinas Principle Software Engineer Constant Contact

Sam Roach

Sam Roach Sr. Information Architect Constant Contact

Watch the Sessions

Opening Keynote: Care & Feeding of Self-sufficient Teams

10:30am – 11:00am

The future of teamwork has a distinctively autonomous slant to it. While much attention is being paid to the tools that keep a team running, little is paid to the psychological health of team members. Like it or not, we're primates with social needs. Pixels don't engage us like personalities. Carl will review the issues teams face now and in the future. He'll also share the path to creating a warm, nurturing environment where hierarchies are just a footnote.

Introverts & Extroverts: The Melting Pot of Development

11:15am – 11:45am

Kianosh highlights what he's learned about what it means to be an introvert or extrovert and how it has helped him improve his workplace interactions.

Building Your Creative Product Team

1:00pm – 2:00pm

Six Founders, CTO's, and Team Managers from digital agencies and product companies across the US share their experiences, techniques, and methods for building a rockstar creative team.

Designer/Developer Therapy

2:00pm – 3:00pm

We're poking the bear in this panel session, discussing dynamics between designers and developers in a format not unlike couples therapy. Designer/developer duos from Constant Contact and Terrible Labs will take center stage and talk candidly about the controversies, challenges, success secrets, and best practice workflows that they've encountered in working together. We hope to bring some humor and honesty to the designer/developer relationship, and come out of it all with new insights that will help managers better understand, emphasize, and lead their creative teams.

Closing Keynote: Building Great Products Through Empathy

3:00pm – 3:30pm

When building digital products, we have to remember that we're building products for people, not just pixels and screens. We must remember to prioritize people over pixels, and design for the other side of the screen. We do this best when we learn how to empathize with our users. When we learn how to "understand and share the feelings of another". In this talk, we'll explore the idea of designing with empathy, and how the best products are the ones designed with people in mind.

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