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Event Recap: Why User Experience Design Matters In Healthcare


 “The emerging and converging sectors of technology, mobile & social, have begun to transform how we experience the healthcare industry.”

Richard was one of many who presented at the Care Innovators BREW event last week– Health, IT, UX & Design 2011. The event topic centered on how innovations– new technologies, creative business models, promising start-ups, interesting developments from established companies– are impacting the present & future of healthcare.

Richard’s presentation spoke to the design side of this topic. He discusses how & why user interface design is important to the healthcare industry, especially now that new technologies are being rapidly generated and implemented (and the future promises more of the same.)  Integrating cutting edge technology into healthcare could bring magnificent changes & advancements to this industry (and our lives,) but how users see, interact, and experience these new instruments will ultimately determine their longevity & practical application.  That’s where UI design steps in to save the day.

Leaf through Richard’s event presentation slides below to find out more…

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