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Drinks vs Zombies Event: Imbibe, Socialize, & Be Horrified


On October 26th, in celebration of BREW week 2011, Fresh Tilled Soil, Janeiro Digital, & Grasshopper Group are throwing a Halloween bash for the Boston area tech & entrepreneurial community & friends: Drinks vs Zombies!

It’s undoubtedly going to be a killer time (see the list below to find out the scoop,) and the best part about the whole thing is we are working with to raise money for, a non profit charity supporting entrepreneurship and business development in inner city communities.  Tickets are $5 and 100% of proceeds will be donated to

Drinks vs Zombies Halloween BREW Bash

When: October 26th, 7pm
Parris (inside Ned Devine’s,) Faneuil Hall

Sign up here:


Pick Your Poison: Eyeball Highball, Vampire Kiss, or Bloody Rum Punch
Click here to vote on which Halloween themed cocktail we should serve at the event!

Top 9 Reasons to Sign Up For Drinks vs Zombies Event

  1. The event will be sponsored by Kettle One Vodka & they’ll be providing 2 liquor louges through which they’ll be free flowing Zombie Juice and Vampire Blood cocktails. (Yes, that’s right, free drinks.)
  2. The venue will be decked out in creepy crawly Halloween decor, setting a perfect scene for you to get decked out in your Halloween gear.  Disguises + networking= a brilliant time.
  3. It’s a fabulous excuse to have a few cocktails on a Wednesday night, since it’s for a great cause 😉
  4. Justin Bingham is DJing and spinning some awesome beats, including Alex Fedorov‘s recent single DRACULA (check it out on our event site page.)
  5. It’s super easy to pop over after work since the venue is right inside Ned Devine’s at Faneuil Hall in Cambridge.
  6. Costumes are strongly encouraged, but not required. We understand that you might not want to be dressed up like Superman or Paully D all day before you come; we’re cool with you throwing on an eye patch and a cape, or without a costume, as long as you’re ready to have a great time.
  7. Surprises will be popping up all over the place (obviously I can’t tell you everything, we’ve got to keep some mystery,) and we know you’ll be thoroughly horrified & thrilled by them.
  8. We’re celebrating, promoting, and financially supporting entrepreneurship; we’re bringing together startups, angels, VC’s, investors, and surrounding industries. Everyone will understand if you’re totally drained from work and have a raccoon eye; plus, you can totally run with that look and it will make your creepy dead person makeup look even more authentic.
  9. Bring anyone you want– friends, family, whoever. Just make sure they’ve got a ticket.

See you there…muh hahahaahaha

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