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Door to Door Sales = Fail


We were enjoying our day yesterday when a person came in to sell some artwork at discount prices.  The type you get at malls or art stores like Corners.  When he came  in he had two pictures him and I was not particularly interested in either of them. 

I asked him if they had a website so I could check their stock and maybe pick out a few for the office… They had one but never updated it because they were moving their inventory so fast. 

I asked for a business card so I could give him a ring after discussing the options with people at the office.  He didn’t have one. 

The real lesson here… Find out the location of the truck where they are pulling the pictures out of and skip the middle man altogether.

Author Dan Allard

Dan is a Senior Strategist as well as our New Business Director. He’s a self-starter and agile thinker, with an uncanny ability to quickly diagnose what needs to be done and communicate that to our clients and internal team members.

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