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Design Sprint Shorts: episode 2 – Ecosystem Mapping


There are over 40 different exercises one can use as part of a Design Sprint, but they are not always applicable in every situation. While there are similarities, each sprint tackles a different problem, often with a different team. This week’s Design Sprint Short is on Ecosystem Mapping. This activity isn’t applicable for every Design Sprint. We add this to the agenda for Design Sprints that focus on internal processes across many teams. It’s part of the Understand phase from day 1.

While many teams within an organization may consider themselves the center of their universe, the reality is that they exist as part of a larger constellation of teams and departments working together on a common challenge, goal, and/or product. The goal of Ecosystem Mapping is to uncover how and why different teams approach certain tasks or view the organization from their unique perspective. Ecosystem maps can help with understanding a business domain, with a particular focus on how individuals and companies within the ecosystem derive value from working together. When we depict an organization’s ecosystem in the form of a visual map, not only is it an important step toward learning and understanding, but it can lead to insights, connections, and breakthroughs that may not otherwise be possible without a broader understanding and context.

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