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Decision tree: Is a Design Sprint right for you?


Design Sprints have exploded in popularity over the past few years with product managers looking to shake up their normal Agile sprints or wanting to experiment with something new.

We understand that trying a new process (or really trying anything new) is scary. Apart from setting aside the necessary time, resources, and people (which is difficult in itself) there’s always the looming question: will this actually work?

We’ve run dozens of Design Sprints for clients and our own internal projects and noticed a pattern of projects for which sprints were the right fit. Answer the questions using the decision tree below to determine if a Design Sprint would be a good fit for your challenge. If it is a good fit, check out our other articles about Design Sprints and our new Design Sprint Shorts YouTube series for helpful tips. We run Design Sprints regularly for clients, and are happy to assist. Get in touch to learn more.

[View and download Design Sprint Decision Tree on Slideshare]

Design Sprint Decision Tree

Author Jill Starett

Jill’s attention to detail, inquisitive nature, and impressive tabletop strategy skills bring an incredible force to every project. With experience at organizations large and small, cultivating digital, mobile and early stage product innovation, Jill relishes the opportunity to go after big ideas and work through complexity to discover the highest impact solution every time.

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