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“D-I-Y Usability Testing” Workshop With Steve Krug Comes to Fresh Tilled Soil


On April 18, Fresh Tilled Soil is excited to be hosting expert usability consultant and published author, Steve Krug, as he teaches his full-day workshop on how to conduct cost effective user testing for websites, mobile apps, and web products. 

If you’re a web entrepreneur or UX/UI guru, then chances are, you’ve probably heard of Steve Krug. Steve is the author of two hit books on usability testing: Don’t Make Me Think, and Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself GuideHis workshop on April 18 follows the methodology and techniques detailed in his most current book, Rocket Surgery Made Easy, and has been presented to global audiences. We’re psyched to have Steve’s workshop make it’s return appearance here in Boston after 4 years in the waiting!

The workshop spans one full day (9am-5pm,) and involves instruction and discussion of usability testing, followed by hands-on, interactive user testing labs to help you tackle the beginning steps of your DIY user testing. After completing this workshop, you’ll be fully equipped to conduct your own user testing, and gather and interpret data to apply changes and improvements that bring you closer to your end goal– be it site conversions, better user engagement, or higher click-throughs. Imagine the money you’ll save by conducting user testing without pricey services or software– then imagine what your new margins will look like once you’ve optimize your website or application based on user testing insights.

Who Should Attend:

  • Marketers – Usability testing can pinpoint the culprit behind troublesome website analytics like low conversion rates or poor user engagement. If your app or site isn’t performing as you’d hoped, and you’d like to have a say in measuring the effectiveness of your product architecture, this course is for you.
  • Entrepreneurs – You may have a fantastic product, but if your users can’t use it simply and easily, then you’re out of luck! Make sure your site structure is conducive to your end users’ goals. A great and affordable way to improve your product, without investing extra capital.
  • Product Managers – Where are your product weaknesses that may be causing users to turn to competitors? Usability testing can help you optimize user experience to convert loyal users.
  • Designers & Developers – Whether or not you’re the one conducting usability testing, understanding best practice and psychology behind effective methods can offer great value to your perspective on building client designs and A/B testing.

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