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Creating High Traffic Landing Pages that Convert Leads to Sales


What is a landing page, you ask? Well, well, well… a landing page, simply stated, is a page your visitors arrive at after clicking on a link. The purpose of a landing page is to create a customized sales pitch for a specific targeted client and establish leads.

When you are designing a landing page it’s important to not only design a page that looks good, but is also fully optimized. Well crafted landing pages always convert more leads into sales. Landing pages are great if you can control where people are coming from and the type of transaction you want.

Typically it’s important to design a landing page that consists of only one page. One page is all you need to create dynamic content that will increase your overall traffic and lead conversions. Sticking with HTML or a static page is your best bet. This will ensure that all the content you administer on the site will be indexed. It’s also important to get right to the point. If you want people to spend money on your product/service then you need to show them then benefit and fast. Think of the landing page as a five second sales pitch to land a customer/lead.

When you are optimizing the landing page for search engine visibility (SEO), the following rules apply: Choose a URL and create title/description tags that capitalize on the keyword iterations you want to drive traffic from. Keep the most vital information in a recognizable format on the page that emphasizes the information that’s most relevant. Usually this information would appear before the body tag. Search engines will read the following information as more relevant and this content will appear higher on the page. In addition, include relevant content within the H1 tag. Try to limit the amount of images your use and focus more on content. If you plan on using an image or two, make sure you add an appropriate “alt” tag which highlights image information in a textual format.

It’s about creating an effective landing page that not only looks great, but is fully optimized for the search engines.

Author Tim Lupo

Tim has expertly managed over 40 projects with his fastidious attention to detail, inherent compassion, and unlimited energy. Tim holds an MBA in global business leadership and brings his entrepreneurial spirit to every project.

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