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How to Create a Successful Landing Page



Creating a successful landing page is critical to ensuring that any product is intelligently marketed on the web.  Establishing the appropriate page layout and design may seem to be a subtle detail but can actually have measured influence over a potential customer’s decision to invest in your product. Your landing page’s capacity to effectively strike a balance between functionality and aesthetic allure in is integral to the profitability of your site.

Your landing page should assure visitors that the services your site offers are not only legitimate but superior to those of your competitors. Crafting your site properly will let visitors rest assured that your company is legitimate and reliable, and foster customers’ confidence in the perks of your product.

The design and layout of your page should be both attractive and straightforward; visitors should be presented with a clear layout that is reliable, functional, and appealing.  Faulty construction or convoluted designs will leave potential customers distrustful of your website’s services.  At the same time, if your landing page lacks aesthetic appeal, it won’t capture the attention of your visitor.  Establishing a balance between downright function and ostentatious design is vital here. 

Another route to establishing credibility through your landing page quite literally entails providing clear cut evidence of the advantages of your services over competitors’.  To reassure visitors that they will get what they expect without any surprises, be certain that what your page offers is consistent with what was advertised in your banner.  Another way to denote a seamless company structure is to use a layout with a cohesive design.  This will visually reiterate to the visitor, if only subconsciously, that your services are comprehensive and reliable.  Similarly, designing buttons that are large, easy to find, and titled with clear wording will make visitors feel at ease maneuvering their way through your site and investing in your product.  A landing page is specifically intended to encourage the visitor to act on the offer at hand, so it’s essential that the tools used to do so are readily visible, functional, and unambiguously worded.

It is in your best interest to limit both navigation and branding on your landing page.  Excessive emphasis on your company name will only distract from the advantages you have to offer; over-branding risks shrouding your services in gimmick-y jargon, which is off-putting to potential clients.  In the same token, providing navigation will only make it easier for visitors to exit your site and ignore the offer that your landing page aims to highlight.  

Instead of inundating visitors with flashy branding, opt to principally feature one or two of the greatest advantages of your product.  The headline of your site should point directly to these strengths, which will therein capture the interest of your intended audience and entice them to learn more.  In the same respect, including too many images can distract from the page’s main agenda.  Select one or two central images that evoke a positive correlation between the effects of your product and the customer’s state of being.  Including too many images will only clutter the appearance and intention of a landing site and fail to capture the imagination of your visitor and sell your product.

Following any successful marketing model, it is imperative to consider who your audience is and cater to their specific interests.  Make sure visitors can relate to customer testimonials and FAQ’s that your page may provide; if they can associate with others who have benefited from your services, they are more likely to actively participate in what your page has to offer.  

Including a telephone number on your landing site is a business-savvy way to encourage visitors to invest in your services.  Having direct access to a real, live, competent human being can be immensely reassuring to potential customers.  Additionally, visitors who may feel uneasy about providing financial or personal information over the web have an alternative method of obtaining the product marketed on your site.  An informed and competent employee answering the phone will be able to resolve any problems a customer might have, or provide additional information about the services rendered.

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