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Meet Corkscrew: A Responsive Framework for Coded Style Guides


A few months ago we made the decision to have coded style guides become a standard deliverable for all projects at Fresh Tilled Soil. Each style guide provided such high value to our clients that we wanted to develop a system to standardize a portion of the development process. This led us down the path of creating a framework we call: Corkscrew.

Corkscrew had a quiet public release about a month ago on Github. Since then, we’ve been getting great feedback from the community and have continued to use it on many of our client projects (fine tuning it each time). It has been extremely valuable as a communication, planning, and development tool for not only our clients, but for us internally. Since we’re not jerks, we decided to give it away and (officially) invite all of you to contribute, use, and share the framework.

We love it, and we hope you do as well!


Our goal for Corkscrew is to offer the community an easy-to-use solution for quickly creating coded style guides. It was designed with ease of use in mind; it should get out of your way and help you create clear, helpful style guides to hand off to an implementation team or serve as a central reference point for UI patterns while being easy to maintain.

At its core it’s a communication tool (isn’t everything?), but style guides can also serve as application/site road maps for the future.


Corkscrew is meant to be very portable and have the least amount of dependencies as possible. All you need to run the framework is a server for the Ajax calls. If you want to edit the core of the framework, you’ll need Sass (not really though). That’s it, no npm install, no build process, no taskrunner, not even jQuery. We want to make the barrier to entry so low that anyone could use it out of the box.

We invite you to fork or clone Corkscrew on Github and let us know what you think!

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