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We at Fresh Tilled Soil often struggle with the final stages of our design work.  This is because, quite frankly, refining and critiquing our own user interface designs is like drinking our own Kool-Aid.  We made it, so we clearly think it’s pure genius. We’re familiarized with it, and experience it in our own way.  Concept is a website that’s helped us get some really valuable objective expert advice on how we can improve and polish our own web design work.

On, users can submit images of their website for free and receive feedback from other site users, or pay $100 to get expert feedback on their web design submission.  The feedback that we’ve gotten from experts has been tremendously useful to us, even as knowledgeable, experienced user interface web designers.  If we find CF expert advice that valuable, then imagine how useful it is for businesses that don’t specialize in UI design.

Here’s a screen shot of the image we recently submitted to ConceptFeedback.   The average of the expert feedback ratings we received are shown to the right of the image.

Our experience using Concept Feedback has provided us with:

  1. A Sanity Check! – To go back to the Kool-Aid metaphor, gives us awesome new advice on how we can improve our own Kool-Aid recipe.  The quality of their experts’ advice has proven to be just as high quality & informed as we think our own opinions are.   But their advice offers new suggestions and examinations that we haven’t been able to see or consider internally.  This objective feedback is so crucial to refining a web design for optimal usability, and great usability increases website conversion rates.
  2. Point-by-Point updates & Changes—  The way expert feedback is delivered to on makes changes on our side of things extremely clear & actionable (see the screen shot of the diagrammed design below.)  Users receive design feedback quickly, and each suggestion is pointedly specific so making proposed design edits is very do-able.  Clear expert feedback from has shown us how we can better articulate site goals & intended user paths.
  3. Best Practice Reminders— In the same way an editor can help a writer see where they’ve strayed from essential grammar rules, input from Concept Feedback has helped to remind us of when & where we’ve strayed from best practice web design. CF experts have extensive experience in usability, design, strategy, and copy writing, so the advice of their experts can pinpoint website improvements from every angle.

Below are two full-page screen shots of the detailed responses that we received from two experts on our Makeover Machine submission:

A closer look: the image below gives a closer look at the feedback we received from one of the expert designer reviews.  This designer provided us with this image of our design, complete with a number key that corresponds to feedback points to the right.

To speak metaphorically, where you might see a picture of a bunny, Concept Feedback can show you how and why they see a frog in the same image.  This is an essential perspective to get for any iterative process, but especially in refining effective user interface design. feedback is intelligent, concrete, and actionable, so you can easily implement it (and even measure the impact of these changes,) to enhance usability and increase overall site conversion.  If you want smart and objective opinions about what website design changes will better support your online business goals, save yourself precious $, time, and effort, and look no further:

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