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Choosing the Right Keywords for Your SEO Campaign


Post #2 of “SEO: Back to the Basics and Beyond…”

Pop Quiz Thursday-z:

Do you remember what SEO stands for and its definition? (if not, refer back to my “SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Beginners” post).

Yesterday we talked about the fundamental elements to any good SEO strategy/campaign. Now it’s time to get a little bit more specific as we start to address exactly what we need to do to make this effort a successful one.  It’s all about coming up with the most successful strategy (refer to step 1 in part #1 of “SEO for Beginners” post) that’s going to drive traffic and hopefully leads to your website. Today we are going to specifically address how to choose the most effective keywords. There is no exact science and you will have to play with keywords to see which ones work best, but there are some really great tools to help you with this.

First, sit down and come up with 20-25 keywords that you think effectively “explain” your website. This will get your wheels turning.  After you have done this it’s time to use some online keyword tools to get a better picture of what keywords are going to be the best for you to use. Google has a great Google keyword tool and the best part it’s free. It lists various keyword combinations, sorts each keyword by relevance and outlines the approximate search volume for each keyword (very cool).  It’s also a good idea to check what keywords your competition is ranking for as well and seodigger is a good tool for that.

Ok, now you have a list of essential keywords you know are going to really help with your SEO efforts…but what do you do with them? These keywords are going to be used within the context of your webpage’s, within the title/description/keyword tags of your page and help with link building strategies. If I lost you somewhere in the last sentence not to worry, I’m going to explain each strategy as we go. Remember, we are taking this one step at a time.

Check out the tools I linked to in this article and start generating your keyword list.

More to come…

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