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Bust Out Your Microscope & Field Kit: It’s Go Botany Time


Just last week, we wrapped up design for a web application project we’ve been working on since early January: Go Botany.  Although it’s not live yet, the folks over at New England Wild Flower Society gave us permission to share a little about the project & some pages of the design with you.

When we were introduced to the Go Botany project, it wasn’t entirely brand new; our UI designer on the project, Emily, worked closely with the New England Wild Flower Society to  “re-skin” an application that already had a skeleton of back-end development in place.

The concept behind Go Botany was to design & build a web app that would help users identify plants in the New England area & serve the community as an educational resource. Go Botany features include a plant identifier tool, teaching tools for educators, an online community for plant-lovers to join forces or share findings, and it even integrates video across the site to assist users to learn & properly identify plants using the on-site tools.

In essence, Go Botany translates the data you’d find in a field guide book into a digital platform, making the format & delivery more interactive & accessible to users. The application was intended for a wide user base, from experienced Botanists to teachers to beginners; this meant that having a highly intuitive user interface design, one that anyone could easily use, was of utmost importance. To make doubly sure the design was super user-friendly, Go Botany took the first round of design & code & did lots of user testing, and then came back with feedback to make the phase 2 designs even more usable.

From the clean & simple aesthetic to the many instructional calls to action, the design does a great job of guiding you through the app to find what you’re looking for. The site navigation & interactive features work smoothly. The whole architecture’s really well done which is a huge accomplishment, especially considering the huge volume of information that’s in there. Go Botany made me feel like I was John Stevens Henslow (historical botany reference!) and I don’t know anything about plants, besides which ones I can eat. All jokes aside, Go Botany gives users the tools to understand & explore botany like a pro. Nuff said.

Select images from the Go Botany App:



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