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Build a Strong Online Presence with Social Media in 2009


It’s becoming increasingly important to build a strong online presence, whether you are an individual or an organization. This is essentially your online “image” and it’s important to maintain a positive one. Have you ever Googled your name to see what comes up in the search results? You might want to, because if you haven’t you may be in for a surprise… could there be late night party pics you don’t want your boss to see? a report or website that slanders your company name? Possibly… so go and Google your own name and/or company name right now… (I’ll wait).

Ok, now that you Googled your name/company name what comes up? if anything. Hopefully if there are in fact a variety of search results that do appear in correspondence with your name/keyword they are all good. If not, don’t panic this post will help you address these issues too.

Now that you know where your name/company name stands, in relation to the all mighty and powerful Google you can get started. It’s important to create informational pages about yourself or your company that will rank well in Google. For all you marketers out there, think of this as brand management. The first results page on google is essentially your brand image and/or first impression. I’ve listed some great websites that generally rank very well in Google and will help you build a strong, positive online presence… and in the case (hopefully not) that there are negative pages about you or your company the quality pages you create will hopefully push the negative pages down the ranking.

Below are websites that, if optimized correctly, rank very well in Google and can help you build a strong “identity”…

This is a great website, where you can create either a page for yourself or your company. It’s a great way to connect with individuals with the same interests and old friends.

This is a photo-sharing website and is a great way to share images of your organization, employees or even yourself and your life. It’s a great way to control what information/images individuals see. Make sure you optimize your images and your account name with relevant titles & tags that relate to the keyword your are trying to rank well for in Google.

This is a professional networking website. It allows you to upload useful information about your education, work experience and make connections with individuals in your industry. You can even create company profiles in LinkedIn, which is another added benefit.

This is a social networking website for everyone. The creation of a webpage on this site will allow you or your company to manage content, information and create networks of friends who share in common interests.

This is an online book, presentation and document sharing website. You can easily upload original documents of your own. Remember to optimize your document and add your name/company name to your profile and documents so Google indexes these terms.

This is a social blogging website, allowing users to create real-time updates. You can follow individuals that you like and have friends that can follow you. Create an account for yourself or your company and optimize it around keywords that you are trying to rank well for in Google.

Now it’s time to create these pages. Remember it can take time for Google to index these sites. Some sites index more frequently than others. Scribd and Twitter accounts are typically indexed by Google in a matter of days and other may take longer. Have fun building and maintaining your strong online presence for 2009!!!

Author Tim Lupo

Tim has expertly managed over 40 projects with his fastidious attention to detail, inherent compassion, and unlimited energy. Tim holds an MBA in global business leadership and brings his entrepreneurial spirit to every project.

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