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Boston Start-Up & Entrepreneurial Events (July 19-23, 2010)


Boston StartupDigest has a great list of weekly events being held in and around Boston MA. Check out some of the local events geared towards  the start-up and entrepreneurial audience. These events cover a variety topics that relate to business.

Breakfast Round Table – Negotiations Skills Workshop for CFOs
Tuesday – July 20, 2010 from 7:30am – 9:30pm
where: BraeBurn Country Club, 326 Fuller St, Second Level, Newton , MA 02465
Join CFO Peers and CFO Alliance guests, Babson College Professor, Melissa Manwaring, for a lively discussion on “The Rules of Negotiation for the CFO” at the next CFO Alliance Breakfast Roundtable.

full event details: Breakfast Round Table

Hiring and HR with Paul English of
Tuesday – July 20, 2010 from 5:30pm – 8:00pm
where: Microsoft, 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA
Paul English, CTO and co-founder of Kayak, will talk about what every company, small or large, should be thinking about when growing the team, recruiting and keeping top people and keeping employees happy and working hard.

full event details: Hiring and HR

Make Sense of Social Media
Wednesday – July 21, 2010 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm
where: Apple Store, 185 Boylston Street, Boston MA
This workshop will provide you with a better understanding of Social Media and why it’s important to you and your business. Covering all the essentials as well as the evolution of Social Media, the most popular tools and platforms using Apple, and examples of best uses of social media for individuals and organizations.

full event details: Social Media

Lean Startup Circle Meetup
when: Thursday – July 22, 2010 from
where: (check event website)
Guest David Cancel, CEO of, a software platform that lets you create, publish and test beautiful landing pages in minutes instead of months will be talking to members.

*Our very own CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil, Richard Banfield, will be attending this event!*

full event details: Lean Startup

Get more information on events at:

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