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Bust A Move: Boston Boogie Event at Saint


There’s nothing better than watching nerds dance.  It’s one of those things like a car wreck where you’re cringing but just can’t look away. That’s exactly why everyone can’t help but love Boston Boogie — and let’s be honest, it’s also because the web & tech start up community in Boston make up excuses to party together.

To clear up any lingering confusion about what the Boston Boogie event is all about, I’ve provided some FAQ’s below:

What Is Boston Boogie?

It’s a phenomenon that can only be explained by observing, and it’s an event, too.

Where Is Boston Boogie?

It’s going to be at Saint, an upscale club in Back Bay that’s about to close down, so we’ll be making sure it goes out with a bang.

Who’s behind Boston Boogie?

Well, to start, we are! So is Hubspot, Inbound Marketing Summit, and a few other companies that are bad as$$ enough to handle this sort of thing.

Can I get in on Boston Boogie?

Yes, and so can your mom, your psychiatrist, & your secret lover, if you want to tell them about it. Anyone goes. They’ve just got to want to hang out with the Boston tech & start up community & know how to have a good time. Also, we’d prefer they publicize a video of themselves busting a move by sharing it all over the web.

How can I be part of Boston Boogie?

Submit a video of your moves, or someone else’s that you caught on video, on, and then sign up for the event here. Don’t forget to tweet highlights and boogie video requests from others @BostonBoogie #boogiedown.

How do I know if I should go to Boston Boogie?

the following qualities make you a perfect candidate to attend Boston Boogie on July 21st:

  • you possess the rare gift of doing extremely awkward movements & flailing about, especially when dancing
  • you have a contagious laugh & find humor in the bizarre & unexpected
  • you have a signature “move” (i.e. Jersey Turnpike)
  • you’ve earned a ridiculously awesome nickname like MonsterMash or SmashGlove
  • you own an absurd & silly looking hat that you’ve worn proudly in public
  • you don’t dance, yet find yourself breaking it down after a drink or two
  • Have been spotted doing Michael Jackson moves

I’m sure you can tell by the above that in short, it’s going to be a great time….so don’t be a punk, sign up for the event 🙂

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