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‘Board Prospects’ Marketing Site Design


The Fresh Tilled Soil team recently worked with our clients at to launch a newly redesigned website that would usher them from their closed beta mode into public view. is an online professional community dedicated to building better boards.  The Company connects individuals and organizations while providing educational resources and tools to improve boardroom recruitment and service. As a relatively new company, one of the big challenges for BoardProspects was building a loyal user base and a reliable brand. The BoardProspects team looked to their website to provide a strong showing up front; it needed to feel professional and speak clearly to the each audience and user base. This is what Fresh Tilled Soil set out to accomplish.

BroadProspects felt that its existing site lacked personality, a clear objective/marketing message, and was a bit redundant and content heavy. It felt generic instead of targeted, and this was the primary goal of the redesign. They gave our creative team a lot of freedom in crafting the new site design, with the single restriction that their logo remain intact.

Our lead project designer, Mark, redesigned the site and condensed it down two three central pages—the homepage, about page, and blog (seen in the screenshots below). Mark’s new design reduced the number of touch points in play and simplified the site experience to focus the message—who the service is for, what it does, and how it works. speaks to a large audience, intended for use by nonprofit, private, and public-sector companies alike. Mark’s new design focuses on providing them with the transparency and accessibility required to grow a large and active user base.

Author Michael Perrone

Michael believes that an organization’s voice is only as powerful as the vehicle used to present it. His knack for messaging and content development and his meticulous attention to detail are the real value-adds for his clients.

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