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Black Friday App Attack


Leave it to mobile commerce to buzz up a national “shopping holiday” even more than it already is.  While some of these Black Friday apps are a waste of time, others are actually quite useful in quelling the horror/panic/frenzy that washes over us as Black Friday approaches.

I’ve taken it upon myself to comb through the web to bring you a few very worthwhile Black Friday Apps in one place. I’ve read reviews, articles, combed through the App Store, & even tested them out myself. Here are 6 worthy Black Friday Apps that are likely to save you money, stress, & time. Happy Shopping.

1.)    Slice– Possibly my favorite app on this list, Slice is an automatic package-tracking app that syncs with Gmail or Yahoo! Mail to keep tabs on your purchased goods as they hurdle through the packing & stratosphere.  Slice is great for ‘round the year online shopping, not just for Black Friday.  It automatically pulls package and tracking info from your inbox, and updates you on the status of your purchases in one place.  You can even set up alerts via push notifications for when an order is processed, shipped, and received. As a bonus feature, this app automatically backs up your e-receipts & records your online purchase history.  It’s currently available for Mac desktop (if you have Lion,) or iPhone for free.

2.)    Lemon–  Lemon takes the financial & purchase tracking elements of Slice to the next level.  This is an expense-tracking tool for both digital & non-digital purchases.  With Lemon, you can take a picture of any paper receipt and it will digitalize & store it within the app. Lemon eliminates paper receipt-mayhem, making returns a breeze; it allows you to manage your receipts completely digitally, and even sorts & organizes them for you automatically. Lemon will even slide & dice purchase data to show you reports on your spending habits, etc. The design & interface of this app is beautiful, simple, and a joy to use. Get the free version in the App Store for your iPhone & pay for the upgraded version. (Rumor has it that an iOS version will be available soon, along with a new pricing feature with alerts, deals, & reviews on items.)

3.)    SnapTellSnapTell is a great in-store tool that helps shoppers quickly identify a product, find product information & reviews, and compare online & local product prices.  Snaptell does all of this using bar code scans & Amazon’s new photo-identifier feature; take a picture of an item, submit it, and amazon recognizes it and delivers info & buying options, at lightening speed. This app compares item prices with competitors online & off. Currently, the app is most useful for targeting tech items, electronic gadgets, books, CD’s. The app is available free for iPhone in the App Store.

4.)    Dealnews— Dealnews is a “bargain aggregator” that shows users the best available deals by thousands of retailers, and organizes them to let you browse by “newest,” “hottest,” or product/category.  This app also integrates coupon codes, and lets you shop that retailer directly through the Dealnews interface. You can save deals that you are interested in, and have Dealnews push you notifications when a new or particular deal is published, since it has real time updates. Dealnews is available on the web, and the app is free on your iPhone & iPad.

5.)    Milo Local Shopping— For the in-store shopper, Milo Local Shopping provides real-time inventory checks on items in nearby retail stores; if you can’t find something online, be sure you’ll find it at the first store you go to when you use Milo Local Shopping.

6.)    Foursquare– This Saturday, Foursquare has partnered with Amex & Small Business Saturday to offer users/card holders special promotional offers when they shop at local businesses.  Sync your Amex card with your Foursquare account, and browse local participating retailers via the Explore-> Specials tab in the Foursquare app.  When you buy $25 or more in merchandise with your Amex card at participating small business retail locations, you get $25 credit to your account. It’s all to help support small business, which is a great thing to do for your conscience and the local economy.  Find out more about it here.

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