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Biggest UI/UX Web Design Conferences in the US, 2013-2014


The country’s biggest and best UX/UI conferences of 2013-2014, an updated version of last year’s post, Biggest Global UI/UX Web Design Conferences & Events 2012-2013. We’re seeing more exciting events this year than ever before, so we’ve expanded our list into two separate posts: the biggest web design conferences in the United States and the Biggest International UI/UX Web Design Conferences. Enjoy, and feel free to leave comments with any events you think we should add to our list.

July 2013

Usability Week Washington, D.C. 
Washington, D.C.
 photo nielsen_norman_group_zpsde6bd9ee.jpgJuly 15-19

Additional Dates & Locations:

    • Usability Week New York, August 25-30
    • Usability Week Minneapolis, September 9-13
    • Usability Week San Francisco, October 6-11

 photo uxSpeakeasy_logo_zps06d222f6.png

Mobile Design Uprising
San Diego
July 27

August 2013

An Event Apart – Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.  photo c560747a-c757-4fec-a26c-c19c4585e06d_zpsc5e80b58.jpg
August 5-7

Additional Dates & Locations:

  • An Event Apart – Chicago, August 26-28
  • An Event Apart – Austin, September 30-October 2
  • An Event Apart – San Francisco, December 9-11

 photo UXWeek2013_zps1107535f.png UX Week 2013
San Francisco
August 20-23

IDSA International Conference
Chicago  photo idsa_logo_zps2c7d0051.jpg
August 21-24

September 2013

UX Strat  photo logo_uxStrat_zps9ee89c15.png
September 9-11

MobileUX Camp DC  photo ScreenShot2013-07-10at35652PM_zps296bf374.png
Washington, D.C.
September 14

XOXO 2013  photo ScreenShot2013-07-10at40200PM_zps8be4361e.png
September 19-22

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-10at40604PM_zpsf108a18e.pngChicago
September 25-27

October 2013
UX Fest - October 2013 photo UXFestheader_zps51ae9a9e.png

UX Fest
October 1

Delight 2013  photo gI_59314_Delight_logo_zps24083c02.png
October 7-8

Future of Web Design Conference  photo FutureofWebDesign2013_zpsdc213cb8.png
New York
October 7-9

User Interface 18 Conference  photo ui-18-cover_zpse95e2da1.jpg
October 21-23

Web Design Day
 photo ScreenShot2013-07-10at42719PM_zps56614250.png Pittsburgh
October 25-26

November 2013
 photo edUi_zps78b5bb72.png
November 4-6

UX Intensive 2013 Seattle  photo ScreenShot2013-07-10at43654PM_zps27e27872.png
November 4-7

December 2013

An Event Apart – San Francisco (see above)

Coming in 2014

ConveyUX  photo conveyux-logo_zps175e727a.png
February 5-7

SXSW  photo WelcometoSXSW|SXSW2013_zps92bc8250.png
March 7-11

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