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Biggest International UI/UX Web Design Conferences, 2013-2014


Part 2 of our mini-series on the top UI/UX events of 2013-2014: the biggest user interface and user experience conferences around the globe! Don’t forget to check out our first post, Biggest UI/UX Web Design Conferences in the US, 2013-2014, and leave comments with any events we may have missed.

August 2013

Usability Week Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia  photo nielsen_norman_group_zpsde6bd9ee.jpg
August 5-9

Additional Dates & Locations:

  • Usability Week Berlin, September 16-20

HybridConf 2013  photo 0bf51d6a-3787-4858-9a5c-cc9aeb5d6bc9_zpsb923f26f.jpg
Cardiff, Wales
August 15-16

UX Camp Hamburg  photo uxcamppost01_zps46fbb730.jpg
Hamburg, Germany
August 17

The Next Web LatAm Conference  photo TNWLogo_zps6026507d.png
São Paulo, Brazil
August 28-29

UX Australia 2013  photo UX_Australia_logo_zps9ffbed3a.jpg
Melbourne, Australia
August 27-30

UXCamp London 2013  photo logo_zps9feae9fc.png
London, United Kingdom
August 31

September 2013

Euro IA Summit 2013  photo EuroIA-2013-banner_zps4b114a6b.png
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
September 26-28

Reasons To Be Creative  photo 4ec95253-3de3-4efb-b37d-0931a54726f0_zpsfcd9cdaf.jpg
Brighton, United Kingdom
September 2-4

UX Cambridge 2013  photo 36c3abe0-c75c-466b-b9d0-62f5abbbe14a_zps0297ba0e.jpg
Cambridge, United Kingdom
September 4-6

dConstruct Conference  photo 31fb916c-abda-473a-8d08-eb94a885192c_zpsfff89881.jpg
Brighton, United Kingdom
September 6

WebExpo Prague 2013 Conference  photo WebExpoPrague2013Conference_zps9a5f7792.png
Prague, Czech Republic
September 19-21

SmartWeb Conference  photo 171489c2-4cc3-4397-8253-443de2156ea3_zpsc2d4dbce.jpg
Bucharest, Romania
September 24

October 2013
 photo prague_zps613d6c58.png
UX Masterclass Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
October 2

UX Masterclass Rome  photo rome_zpsf67de5fa.png
Rome, Italy
October 4

Future of Web Apps  photo FutureofWebApps2013_zps81a80bb5.png
London, United Kingdom
October 23-25

push.conference  photo pushconferencebyenvisprecisely_zpsb85363df.png
Munich, Germany
October 25-26

UXconference 2013  photo 6d502eda-f0ea-446f-952d-82fc0310c63d_zpsdc999640.jpg
Lugano, Switzerland
October 26

November 2013

Interaction South America 2013  photo ScreenShot2013-07-11at31131PM_zps6f7cb829.png
Recife, Brazil
November 13-16

December 2013

None yet

Coming in 2014

Interaction 2014  photo Ixda_logo_zps4449805b.png
Amsterdam, Netherlands
February 5-8

UXHK  photo uxhk-logo_zps95eaf456.png
Hong Kong
March 6-8

The Next Web Europe Conference  photo TNWLogo_zps6026507d.png
Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 24-25

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