Being a web designer, sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated with a piling workload, constant changes or demanding turnaround times. It’s when I feel this way that I think of the several ways we’ve recently helped to truly make improvements in the online facets of our clients’ businesses – especially for clients where 1 or 2 sales can make a major difference to their bottom line.

We call these the "Big Wins" and there were recently cases where three clients who sell high-value products leveraged their redesigned sites to close business that single-handedly paid for the cost of the site and helped them enter 2009 with the confidence that design can really can help close sales.

Spec Engineering recently started leveraged their redesigned site as well as custom landing pages we helped them design to start an AdWords campaign that helped them close a deal that brought them $7M to the table.

Another client in Energy Management closed a deal as a result of their new site that more than paid for the cost of the redesign and has opened them up to new opportunities.

Also in the Energy Industry, long-time client generated several leads from our SEM/Blog strategy work, closing one which lead to the construction of one of their first major projects.

Author Alex Fedorov

Alex is a strategic thinker with a gift for information architecture, known for his ability to wireframe complex workflows and multiple states of applications at the speed of light. He is passionate about clean, data-driven design.

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