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Best UX/UI Design Events In Boston


UX/UI design is a niche area, so finding worthwhile people or opportunities to learn from can be a bit of a challenge– especially when you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a global conference ticket.  After some research, I’ve found some great, reputable Boston-area UX/UI design and development events that are free or practically so.

Check out the following list of Boston UX/UI design events; please leave a comment in this post with any other local UX/UI design/front end dev events I missed.

Fresh Tilled Soil Labs Open House
February 12, Watertown, MA

The Future of Cloud Development (and Design): Scalable Agile
September 26, Cambridge, MA

Design Psychology: Motivate Your User
August 15, Boston

BostonCHI Hosts Tomer Sharon, Search UX Engineer at Google
September 11, Waltham

Future By Design & Thinking
August 16, Boston

Application Development and System Training
Day 10 of every month, Nashua, NH

September 24, Boston

UX/UI Designers Roundtable
August 22, Cambridge

Keep an eye on these larger, umbrella events for crowd/community sourced design related classes & events this fall:

Unconference, Mass TLC
November 16

Future M, MITX
October 23-26

BREW Boston
October 15-26

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