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Behind the scenes of the EventFarm Application Redesign


It happens each and every day, you come to a website and you are not sure how to find the information you need or accomplish what you want. What’s worse is if you have a limited amount of time to use the website to accomplish what you need, then you really get frustrated at whoever built that website.

Companies lose millions of customers this way. Why? Because a lot of times they simply don’t invest the required attention into designing their user interface, the face of the company, the very thing that their customers interact with each and every day.

The very awesome crew over at Event Farm (our client) had a problem on their hands when they came to us a little while back, here is what they told us:

We have an absolutely kick ass product. Our customers love us. They love all the features in our product once they understand them. However new customers get completely lost and frustrated trying to use all the features. Our process involves sitting down with our customer and guiding them through the entire event creation process. There is got to be a better way!

Believe us they were not alone, we’ve heard this story much too many times. Event Farm is a complete event management system, you can build a micro site for your event, create email templates, send email reminders, manage your tickets before the event, during the event on a tablet, and even after the event. The problem was that the product had tons of amazing features but new customers were completely lost about how to use them.

From Linear to Modular Event Creation Process

We worked closely with the Event Farm team to figure out the exact points when their customers would become frustrated, confused or lost. An interesting pattern became evident, the real issue was that all the features of the product were presented to users during a linear event creation process. Each user had to consider all the features of the product when they were simply creating a new event, this made them frustrated, confused or lost.

As you can see in the screenshots above we decide to solve this problem by going with a modular approach to the features of the product. In a modular approach we would still ask the users to input some basic details about the event they are creating and then drop them off on a dashboard where they have a choice of which features they want to use/add to their event page.

This took all the anxiety out of event creation process. Users were not free to explore the choices at hand and use features they thought they might need. They could add ticket management to their event from the dashboard or they could choose not to, they could add website registration or not. They no longer thought that all features were required to create an event.

The result was a complete transformation as you see from the screenshot above. Both new and existing customers loved the new intuitive interface and were no longer lost trying to create their first event. Furthermore the team at Event Farm no longer needed to guide their new customers through event creation process.

We had tons of fun working with the Event Farm team and hope the feeling was mutual! ☺

— Quote —

“When you’re so close to your own product it can be difficult to see how to improve it.  So we called in the experts.  FTS took the time to learn and understand the complexities of the platform we’ve built over the last few years and how our clients use our software. Ultimately they helped us design an interface that drastically improved the entire user experience and the overall service we provide.  It’s something we are very proud of.”  Ryan Costello – EventFarm Founder

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