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Behind every great web app…


This year we will have helped create and redesign dozens of websites and web applications. These sites and apps belong to our clients so they will get the glory and limelight as they launch into the big wide world. That’s okay with us because that’s what we do. We’re the guys behind the scenes making these products and businesses possible. For every blockbuster movie there are thousands of crew and extras behind the scenes. For every political campaign there are thousands of volunteers and uncelebrated supporters.

We don’t work for awards and kudos. We get up each day to help other entrepreneurs become more successful. We’re not altruists, we still make money, but we love this quiet role.

Edith Wharton said it best, “There are two ways to spread light – be the candle or be the mirror that reflects it.”

Author Richard Banfield

As CEO, Richard leads Fresh Tilled Soil’s strategic vision. He’s a mentor at TechStars and BluePrintHealth, an advisor and lecturer at the Boston Startup School, and serves on the executive committees of TEDxBoston, the AdClub’s Edge Conference, and Boston Regional Entrepreneurship Week.

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