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Beautiful & Effective CTA Designs


(Above) Cuts right to the chase– here’s what you want, here’s what we offer, and here are the only 3 ways to proceed: “chat now,” call, or fill out the estimate form. The simplicity is refreshing.

An unpredictable homepage design for the habitually white and blue The shock factor gets your attention here, and then the glowing CTA “Join Vimeo,” front and center, beckons you to enter the enchanting world of vimeo. Nice touch.

my favorite design; it’s beautiful, soft, and welcoming. The only thing for me to do is to feel warm inside because of the photo, and then click the jumbo login button.

Gives you a mission statement, and then gives you no alternative to signing in, except for signing up, of course.

2 options– get invited, or sign in. We want to be invited because of the lusty people and sophisticated colors. Red CTAs are bold.

After the stunning background image catches your eye, the only other place to look is at the login window, well-placed in the upper left.


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