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Training the next generation of product leaders

Our apprentices aspire to be leaders in the field by building beautiful, engaging products. All apprentices are taught UX fundamentals and given a chance to specialize in one of three areas: UI design, front-end development, or strategy.

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Who’s qualified for AUX?

You have some background in design or development, with around a year of professional experience working with the modern web.

You want to move your career forward, but you’ve been having trouble figuring out what to do next. You want to work on problems that matter, but you’ve had trouble finding a place that will let you scratch that itch.

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What will we teach you?

We believe user experience is an inherently multi-disciplinary practice. We look for apprentices with a strong core as a visual designer or front-end developer, and then we teach you the broader skills required of a UX pro.

These include:

  • User research & interviewing
  • Prototyping & usability testing
  • Personas, experience mapping & behavioral design

We also teach deeper skills in 3 specific areas: UI design, front-end development and strategy.

Our approach emphasizes structured learning through the completion of skill challenges, one-on-one mentorship, and real-world project work with our teams and our clients.

Stay Tuned

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