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Atlas Venture Website Redesign


The Fresh Tilled Soil design team had the pleasure of redesigning Atlas Venture’s website this past winter.  You can see the dramatic transformation that the site underwent by checking out the homepage before and after images below (disclaimer: the “before” image is not an exact replica of the old site, but it’s close enough.)

The new homepage is way cleaner and relies heavily on white space as part of that aesthetic.  The top navigation is listed vertically, opposed to the horizontal format we are used to seeing on most sites; that serves as a point of contrast to the otherwise vertical lines of the homepage. You can’t tell from this picture, but there’s also an image slideshow on the new site that automatically rotates images.

One of the subtle improvements that I like is the client login has been de-emphasized by moving it off the top nav down to the site footer.  It’s almost more accessible here because its on every site page, but at the same time, you have to know where to look for it; it’s neatly tucked away for users who aren’t accessing that part of the site.

My favorite area of the site are the updated team pages.  Unfortunately I don’t have a “before” to show you, but check here’s a redesigned team page (below).


Again here, we see clean lines, and 90 degree angles for every single element on the page. I love this original use of vertical text alignment.  It creates a nice balance of white space vs not; it also makes this team page feel consistent with the rest of the site.  Another contrast– the way the bio pictures are positioned, they stand out to greet you in the forefront page space; it feels like a personal gesture.  Click here to check out the rest of the Atlas Venture site live.



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