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Are your ducks in a row? A checklist for UX/UI design projects


rubber ducksWhen going into the kickoff for a new client project, we always try to send along an agenda in advance. Agendas don’t just write themselves, however. We pull relevant questions from a standard internal checklist and organize them into a conversation guide that makes sense for the project at hand.

We’re constantly editing and improving our checklist. Take a look through the questions, and let us know if you have any suggestions of items we should consider. Even if you’re on the client’s side of the table, this list should be handy in demonstrating the things we’re thinking about on our end and the information you should start collecting to bring to the table.

Business and project goals

  • Do we know the business objectives of this project?
  • Does the client have branding or identity work they want to share with us before we start?
  • Has the client provided any marketing or positioning information?
  • Will the client be providing any wireframes or a site map for the project?
  • Do we have an end user or persona description from the client?
  • Has a full list of user stories been created and prioritized?
  • Is user testing required before site launch?
  • Has the client provided a list of competitors?
  • Has the client provided a list of websites (industry or non-industry) that serves as inspiration for design or functionality?
  • Has the client provided us with their Google Analytics login information?
  • What is the deadline for going live?
  • Is the client working on any related projects in parallel or in the near future that need to be considered and/or integrated?


  • Does the content already exist? If not, what is the plan to create it?
  • Will the client provide any stock images, original photography, audio, or video for this project?
  • Who at the client will be responsible for content creation, updates, and edits?


  • How many core templates and states will be required as deliverables?
  • What is the final deliverable? Strategy? Design files (PSD or PNG)? Front-end code?
  • Will this project require any blog page styling?


  • Will this Web application project require any public-facing marketing or registration pages?
  • Are there areas of this application that require a login?
  • Does the application need to be built on a content management system?
  • What browsers require support?
  • Even if the site is built for one device (e.g. tablet), will it need to work on others (e.g. smartphone)?
  • Does the client have an internal development team or external development partner?


  • Within the client team, what is each person’s role within the project?
  • Who will need to review deliverables? How far into the process should they be involved?
  • Who within the client team has ultimate decision-making authority?
  • Will the client look to us to manage any partner vendor relationships? (e.g. developers, writers, photographers)
  • Does the client have any scheduling blockers (e.g. vacation, special events, busy sales season) that may hinder the schedule and/or should be scheduled around?


Author Michael Perrone

Michael believes that an organization’s voice is only as powerful as the vehicle used to present it. His knack for messaging and content development and his meticulous attention to detail are the real value-adds for his clients.

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