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Apprenticeship Challenge 2: Web Typography


After our first class of apprentices made it through bootcamp, our resident type fanatic Steve Hickey wasted no time in presenting them with a design challenge. Steve sought to sharpen their thinking around typographic relationships and visual hierarchy on the web, while getting them familiar with the technical implementation of @font-face rules and TypeKit.

The Mission: Design a web-based typographic system that creates a harmonious relationship between typefaces, taking into consideration that this system needs to be legible at different sizes and across various devices.

  • Yifan sought the elusive intersection between typography and cats
  • Nicole wanted to spruce up the blog of every designer’s favorite money pit: Adobe
  • Tim geeked out with a sci-fi angle—finally, a worthy typographic treatment for your Firefly fanfic page
  • (Laura was unavailable for this challenge)

This was just one challenge of many. Keep an eye on the apprentice challenges every week and see what else we’ve been throwing at them!

Looking for awesome UI/UX talent? The current apprentice class will be graduating soon and is ready for hire. To start the conversation to join us as a hiring partner, contact

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