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Announcing: Product Hero blog series


Conference workshops and client engagements have taken us to cities across the United States and Europe so far this year. We’ve spent a lot of that time getting to know inspiring product leaders who are dedicated to delivering exceptional, customer-centric products to the world. In their day-to-day work, they’re the backbone of their companies, truly heroes in their own right as they juggle team-building, budgets, business strategy, roadmapping, and beyond. To showcase these heroes in their element, we’re launching a new blog series called Product Hero starting tomorrow May 19th.

Product Hero will be published every other Thursday, featuring interviews from product leaders you should know about. Some of these folks fly under the radar and do great work with quiet confidence while others may be people you’ve read about. They’ll be discussing valuable lessons learned throughout their career, challenges facing many product professionals, and how, as a community, they can come together to collectively improve the industry.

Stay tuned for our first interview coming out Thursday, May 19th with Mike Brown, product manager at PatientsLikeMe.

Know someone who you think is a Product Hero? Email with who we should interview, along with their contact information. We’d love to tell their story.

Author Chris Wilcox

Chris is a high-energy marketer focusing on content creation, events, lead generation, and developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with Fresh Tilled Soil’s clients. He brings out-of-the-box creative flair to every challenge along with keen attention to detail.

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