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All the materials you need to run a Design Sprint


Design sprint planning can get a bit messy. Buying the materials you need for the sprint should be the step you spend the least amount of brainpower on. To help you focus on aligning schedules, selecting the challenge you want to solve, and reading up on the process we put together a list of essential materials for easy buying, complete with an Amazon shopping list.

What you might have already

We suspect you already have items like a cell phone to be used as a timer, an area with plenty of dry erase boards (or walls that are whiteboards), and a way to display a presentation from a computer on an external monitor or TV.

We also suspect you have a copy of Design Sprint co-authored by our CEO and Chief Design Strategist or Sprint from the GV team to guide you through your sprint.

The essentials

Check out the Design Sprint materials list that we put together for easier shopping on Amazon.


  • Music can enhance participants’ ability to come up with new ideas during the sprint. Consider playing some ambient music, like tracks from this “Deep Focus” playlist on Spotify (you’ll need to create a free account).
  • Don’t skimp on getting a variety of sizes and colors for Post-its. Different sizes will be used for different purposes, and colors will help distinguish between ideas.
  • Peeling off Post-its seems pretty easy right? Most of us having been doing it wrong. Check out the right way to peel off a sticky note that will actually keep it sticking to a surface longer.

If you’re still trying to convince your team that a Design Sprint will help with your challenges, check out “The Value of a Design Sprint.” And if you think you need some outside experts to help run the Design Sprint for you, get in touch with us.

Author Chris Wilcox

Chris is a high-energy marketer focusing on content creation, events, lead generation, and developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with Fresh Tilled Soil’s clients. He brings out-of-the-box creative flair to every challenge along with keen attention to detail.

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