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AB Testing with Google Website Optimizer and WordPress


Sample Google Website Optimizer Report

Everyone knows that good design turns browsers into buyers, but it’s sometimes difficult to measure what designs are working better than others.

Combining the power of Google Website Optimizer and WordPress we can create a powerful system allowing us to test what designs are returning the best conversion rate and making you the most money. This allows us to measure design in terms of ROI.

Who else uses this?

37signals uses this technology on many of their front facing web product pages to test what makes people sign-up to use their products.

Amazon has used this technology for years to create what is now known as the best online shopping experience.

Large corporations like Microsoft, IBM and Oracle have used this technology for years. The overhead involved was too much for smaller companies, so for a while it was a luxury limited to the big boys. With Google providing this tool for free, the overhead is incredibly small, making it a great option for any website to begin using.

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