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A Look At Twitter’s New UI


Twitter has a new look and feel thanks to the recent roll out of their new user interface. So besides looking a bit different what impact will it have on users?

According to twitter, the goal of the new UI is to make the microblogging platform faster & simpler to use.  Another stated goal of the new design is to make Twitter’s UX consistent across all platforms, from mobile to desktop. That’s why they’ve also updated their mobile app UI to match, and released it simultaneously. Twitter feels that this will offer a more cohesive user experience.

The new interface has also introduced some new features for twitter users; most notably, the addition of 3 new navigational tabs titled “Home,” “Discover” and “Connect.” These new features make it quicker and easier than ever for users to stay engaged & tuned in to the “twittosphere”– the “Connect” tab, displaying all recent activity surrounding your account, is now a primary navigation element. (This “connect” tab tells you stuff like who has recently started following you and when a user adds you to a twitter list.)  Having the connect tab as one of three primary navigation items places a new emphasis on connectivity, making user interactions more central to how we use twitter.  Although it’s subtle, twitter is actually shaping our behavior with this new user interface layout– that’s what good UIs do.

The “discover” tab offers users an expedited way to consume the latest media in a glance, providing a summary of trending topics at any given time.  The discover tab delivers more relevant content to users by automatically filtering it to align with your interests. Pretty cool.

See some of the new twitter design below:

new twitter ui discover

twitter ui discover

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