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Glasses Free 3D Displays Coming to Market Soon


As many of you know we at Fresh Tilled Soil are constantly trying to push the envelope. That is why ever since the specs for WebRTC API, Media Streams and Capture and WebAudio API were released we’ve been showcasing these technologies which will transform 2013 on our site. Most recently we unveiled the WebRTC video chat demo between an Android tablet and a laptop computer.

Looking forward, there are tons of amazing 3D glass-less displays which we can all expect to see on the market very soon and a lot more in the works. Per a request from our readers, friends and acquaintances we decided to compile a list of 3D tech we’re keeping our eye on. Without further ado, here is the list!


3D Products coming to market very soon

1. Stream TV’s Glasses Free 3D television, demoed at CES 2013.

2. Philips’s Glasses-free 3D TV, seen at CES 2013.

3. LG’s Parallax Barrier Display that uses head tracking

4. Zero Creative’s Autostereoscopic Glasses Free 3D Display

5. Philips’s Dimenco Glasses-less 3D TV

6. Sony’s 360-Degree 3D Display


3D Early Phase Experimental Tech

7. Photo-Refractive Polymer Display


Kind of dangerous 3D Technology

(note: one would probably not want to use hands to manipulate the rendered 3D objects)

8. Plasma Laser 3D Display

9. Spinning Mirror 3D Display

10. Fog Screen Display

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