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A Green Team Effort: Practically Green Mobile Design For SXSW Eco App


Our team recently wrapped up a design project with Practically Green. Fresh Tilled Soil’s primary role was to provide Practically Green with designs for the mobile version of their website/internal application that would function within the SXSW Eco App.

The element of the Practically Green site that our team redesigned for mobile access can be found in the South by Southwest Eco App under the “Challenges” area. The only people that currently have a login to access the mobile app are the attendees at South by Southwest Eco Conference this week.

Practically Green’s internal application allows users to manage and take action on green initiatives—for example, users can pledge that they are going to Eat at a local, sustainable restaurant when traveling.   There are tons of different green initiatives that users can sign up for, and when enough people get involved in these activities it makes a significant & positive impact. The app not only facilitates these individual initiatives, but also reveals a bigger picture about the positive impact that together, these initiatives have rendered, by aggregating all of these stats to measure & report on the total amount of resources saved.

Right now, attendees of the South by Southwest Eco conference are testing out the app by selecting green initiatives to take on, earning badges, and then even receiving credits for their green actions.  At the end of the conference, the result of everyone’s collaborative green initiatives will be revealed through the app’s stats on the total amount of resources that were saved.

Our team also designed an external site page for the Practically Green web app that addresses how large, corporate companies can get involved in & benefit from Practically Green Challenge initiatives.  These businesses can sign up their employees on a large scale & encourage them to participate in these initiatives both in & out of the office.  The stats on total company-wide resources saved are an great for announcing to share holders, or proving your business is eco-conscious.

Below is an image of the business page & a few screenshots of the Practically Green Challenges area within the SXSW Eco App.

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