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3 in 1: A New Qgiv Website Design


Fresh Tilled Soil worked with Qgiv to redesign their website which launched a few days ago.  The major purpose of the Qgiv redesign was to integrate two more of their other product offerings into the site layout.  The objective was to create a design for the 3 platforms (Qgiv, Hobnob, & Barnstorm) that visually indicated that the 3 platforms are under the umbrella of one company, but that their offerings, price point, and services were completely different and separate.  It was important that these products be marketed alongside each other, yet be clearly represented as separate entities.

Qgiv, Hobnob, & Barnstorm are now linked together through the new Qgiv site design.  They each have their own separate page via top navigation tabs.  Check out the new Qgiv design below, click to visit the site live.

Qgiv redesign after shots

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