Website Design and Development

Whether your product is a simple mobile app or a sophisticated B2B system, communicating your unique value proposition to your customers isn’t always a straightforward task. We help your product and marketing teams identify and express the value of your product to your customers through a beautiful and high-performance marketing website.

Your redesigned website will always be responsive and highly accessible, tested to work across a range of devices and screen sizes. Our development expertise and philosophy pushes us to go beyond meeting federal accessibility regulations. We deliver front-end code that works for everyone, whether you’re using a screenreader or traditional keyboard and mouse.

As your dedicated strategic design partner, Fresh Tilled Soil will work with you to identify your most pressing challenges and develop solutions to meet your value metrics.

Value Proposition Design

We are committed to ensuring that your marketing website captures the spirit, breadth, and reach of the community that you intend to reach. The UX and design will vividly convey your brand, vision, and mission to help you best connect to your core constituencies, with relevant and rich content, imagery, and information. Most importantly, it will speak directly to your key audiences so that they can more easily engage with you and all you have to offer.

User Research and Persona Development

Very often the first step is to figure out who will be using the website and what they will expect from the experience. User research brings your customers’ behaviors and preferences to life. This detailed information goes beyond demographics, suggesting important data like how they got to the website, their preferences, and their anxieties.

User Flows and Information Architecture

Your customers are focused on what they want and how they need to get it from you. Our approach to information architecture (IA) is to put the customer’s needs first. Harnessing the available research, content, best practices and user feedback, we’re able to structure the IA to achieve your business goals and present the best possible experience to those customers. We use mental maps, card sorting, tree testing, and dozens of other tools to clarify the behavioral and emotional interactions at each step of the architecture.

Content Strategy and CMS Recommendations

Website DesignWe’ll explore your unique content needs through a series of targeted activities designed to create a content plan that resonates directly with your target audience. We’ll audit your existing content, understand gaps and make recommendations for new sections.

Whether you’re building your new website on an existing CMS or exploring a new solution, we’ll ensure that all recommendations work seamlessly with your internal management needs and workflow. Ultimately, we will create a system that will deliver on the first release of your website and grow with your content needs over time.

Website Design and Development

Through an iterative process of wireframing, prototyping, and visual design, we will work with your team to establish a unique, consistent, and uniform design system that supports all that you need to accomplish on your website.

We’ll find opportunities to enliven the personality of your website that reflect your unique brand expression. We’ll draw visitors’ attention with high-impact assets — photography, interactive elements, engaging content — that showcase you and your unique value proposition.

Your website will be responsive, working equally well on the largest and smallest devices, including mobile phones. We will work with you to redesign a navigation system and website templates with a mobile-first content mindset, and code them so that the experience is elegant and high-performance across modern devices at all screen sizes. You will receive responsive static HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates, along with a coded style guide that will serve as a blueprint for the remaining and future front-end development tasks. If you choose, we can even install the front-end templates into the CMS of your choice, and perform post-integration tests for performance and accessibility.

Front-End Performance and Accessibility

Front-End PerformanceWe will help you meet the highest standards for online performance that is expected by your constituents.

We’ll assess current conditions for front-end performance, search engine optimization (SEO), and accessibility standards. Once we document findings and make recommendations for areas of improvement, we’ll confirm key performance indicators (KPIs) and set standards and metrics. As part of the handoff of template deliverables, we’ll conduct a workshop with your engineering and content personnel about our findings, and teach your team how to best meet these standards going forward.

Measuring Success and Continually Improving the Website

The success of your website project will rely on the extended team’s expertise, knowledge of the organization and its constituencies, and ability to implement the redesign according to best practice methods for design, user experience, and development. Success will be measured in several ways. These include qualitative metrics such as:

  • Do external and internal audiences perceive the website as appropriately on-brand?
  • Does it perform well across screen sizes and devices?

We also measure quantitative measures, such as:

  • Are high-value internal pages and high-priority content seeing increased traffic?
  • Are visitors staying on these important web properties longer than before?
  • Are users flowing through the conversion funnel at an improved rate?

Through interviews with primary stakeholders at the beginning of the project, we’ll establish value metrics and methods for evaluating success. With the internal working team, we’ll prioritize success metrics and identify target goals and timelines. As your strategic design partner, Fresh Tilled Soil will help you analyze gaps and suggest ongoing design and performance updates to improve the website via an ongoing managed design process.

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