Market Opportunity Analysis

Understand the ecosystem and extract insights

Industry ecosystem analysisIn complex industries and markets, visualization and mapping of relationships and motivations can reveal important opportunities. Our Product Opportunity Analysis process involves deep research and interviews to help highlight industry complexities, understand the flow of value, and think more critically about how your product affects and interacts with the competitive landscape.

We take a design thinking approach to strategy. Our ultimate goal is to help you develop a visual language to make sense of your actions and decisions. By translating complex concepts into digestible and iterative visuals your team is able to more clearly see the path forward and make difficult product decisions.

Value Map

Each ecosystem we encounter introduces unique nuances and challenges. The key is to fully understand all of the factors at work, ask the right questions, and extract the insights you need to navigate the road ahead. We use an assortment of methodologies and tools during this process, including Value Mapping, Competitive Analysis, Concept Architecture, Business Model Canvasing, KPI Development, Implementation Planning, and more.

Competitive Analysis

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