10 Free Icon Sets for Web Designers

by Tim Lupo

Behold and be inspired by these web icons that will put the “wow” in your web designs… and do you know the best part? They’re free!


1| Sketchy Web Icons – 30 hand drawn sketches that are sure to give your website character.

free sketchy icons

2| Simple Vector Icons – 120 classic and simple web icons that are sure to please.

3| Milk & Gingerbread Icons – Cute and adorable gingerbread and milkbox icons that will wet your appetite.

milkbox icon

4| Toolbar Icon Set – You’ll need all the right tools when you start to design your website and these icons are winners.

toolbar icons

5| Hand-Crafted Designer Icons – Take a look at these professional high-quality icons for the professional.

professional icons

6| Payment & Credit Card Icons – 18 payment and credit card icons to professionally convey payment options on your website.

credit card payment icons

7| Moleskin Icon – Need an image of a moleskin notebook, then choose this beautifully crafted icon.

moleskin icon

8| RSS Button Icons – Looking for an original RSS button icon?

rss button icon

9| Sticker Icons – Incredible original sticker icons that will bring you back to your childhood.

Sticker Icons

10| 50 Coquette Icons – 50 stunning all purpose icons that are simple and effective.

coquette icons

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